“We particularly wish to thank THE CITY OF CHERBOURG–EN–COTENTIN, our “ELITE” partner, a major player that directly contributed to the fast development of THE DRHEAM-CUP / GRAND PRIX DE FRANCE DE COURSE AU LARGE, which is now one of the Major International Offshore Races. Its strong and long-term commitment to us is the best guarantee of our event’s steady and sustainable growth.
Great thanks also to the Local Authorities that support us, as well as our private partners. » 

Jacques Civilise
creator and organiser of the DRHEAM-CUP


Between two sea-going regions

From Cotentin to South Brittany, the DRHEAM-CUP / GRAND PRIX DE FRANCE DE COURSE AU LARGE is one of the most beautiful regattas you could imagine, between two sea-going regions and two great French harbours: Cherbourg-en Cotentin and La Trinité-sur-Mer. Open to amateurs and professionals, crews and solo-sailors, the race soon found its competitors. One hundred boats were at the start in the last edition in 2020 and we are expecting the same number or more in 2022.

The spirit of the event is what has mainly attracted skippers: a race between big names in international sailing and dozens of amateur crews in a festive and popular atmosphere. It is also an opportunity for all those tempted to go up against the Irish Sea 
and the Atlantic on a demanding course that combines inshore and offshore racing It is of course a great moment of sharing on the quayside of a town that will come alive with preparations until the start, between the outer harbour and the coast of La Hague.

Major race organisers do not choose Cherbourg-en-Cotentin by chance. Port Chantereyne is the largest deep-water port in the Manche area, protected by one of the largest artificial outer harbours in the world, in an exceptional location for sailing, opening on the Channel Islands. Our city has unrivalled advantages for sailors, with structured nautical and naval services and a welcome appreciated by all, which we promote through this type of event.

We all have great memories of the 2020 edition. We are impatiently awaiting 2022 and the start of the summer season.

Benoit ARRIVÉ,
mayor of Cherbourg-en-Cotentin
Regional Councillor


La Trinité-sur-Mer has welcomed regattas between amateurs and renowned professionals for decades. In 1879, the Société Nautique de La Trinité-sur-Mer held its first regatta. Developing its reputation year after year, 
since, 2019, the SNT has been ranked first competition club by the Fédération Française de Voile. The Spi Ouest France BPGO, which brought together 340 boats this year, is one of the emblematic events in the Quiberon Bay. It celebrated its 43rd anniversary last October.

It isn’t surprising that the fourth edition of la DRHEAM-CUP / GRAND PRIX DE FRANCE DE COURSE AU LARGE is part of this dynamic and has chosen La Trinité-sur-Mer as arrival port.

The course between Cherbourg-en-Cotentin and La Trinité-sur-Mer connects two regions that hold close the values of the sea, where competition and adventure mix and diversity enables amateurs to race with professionals. These diverse, high-level competitors will outdo each other with tactical moves and endurance, and some will discover unusual and varied sailing conditions. First the channel, the Irish Sea, then the Atlantic up to the beautiful Baie de Quiberon, where the race village in La Trinité-sur-Mer awaits.
The town, Compagnie des Ports and beyond, the entire Auray Quiberon Terre Atlantique area are proud and impatient to welcome the DRHEAM-CUP / GRAND PRIX DE FRANCE DE COURSE AU LARGE, which will once again reinforce their image of a sailing land”.

Mayor of La Trinité-sur-Mer

The Cotentin conglomeration (third largest local council in France): 185,000 inhabitants, 129 towns and villages, 220 km of coastline) directs and coordinates all major public policies that promote the region’s attractiveness (economic development, employment, higher education, tourism, etc.) whilst guaranteeing the quality of local services (waste collection, water cycle, mobility, etc.). It also plays an active role in the success of the area by supporting major events.

After supporting the arrival of the Rolex Fastnet Race, the Cotentin Conglomeration is delighted to support the start of the DRHEAM-CUP / GRAND PRIX DE FRANCE DE COURSE AU LARGE in the outer harbour of Cherbourg-en-Cotentin on 17 July. We live in one of the most beautiful areas of the world and we can be proud of it. From our beaches to the coastal path and Bocage landscapes, the Cotentin has a strong and unique identity. The sea, the coast and sailing are central to the economic development and success of our area.

Fair winds to all!

President of the Cotentin Council

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Dreams, and more dreams in this third edition of the DRHEAM-CUP / GRAND PRIX DE FRANCE DE COURSE AU LARGE. In July 2022 Cherbourg-en-Cotentin is honoured to be the start city for the race to La Trinité-sur-Mer in Morbihan. 
Beyond the excitement, for a crew, the start means final preparations, the last technical adjustments, tactical predictions, analysing the latest weather forecasts and getting into the zone before going to sea.

The Start also means welcoming those who want to discover the atmosphere before an offshore race on the pontoons and meet the sailors and skippers. For these passing visitors, seeing a racing fleet get ready is already a journey, a way to join the race…

The “Manche attitude” perfectly summarises this: a region that knows how to welcome visitors, is adventurous and loves the open air!
Also, through our Plan Nautisme (Watersports plan), we are proud to welcome very high-quality watersports events, such as La DRHEAM-CUP / GRAND PRIX DE FRANCE DE COURSE AU LARGE, which reveals other aspects of the Manche county.

Fair winds to all!

Jean Morin
President of the Manche Département Council

The Normandy Region is particularly delighted to support the DRHEAM-CUP / GRAND PRIX DE FRANCE DE COURSE AU LARGE again in 2022. Through its financial participation, the Region is a major player in this race and contributes to the economic, tourist and sporting development of Normandy. Sailing in Normandy is 80 clubs, 26000 licence holders, 1 young elite centre and many events on our coast and inland spots. Amongst them, we can name the Transat Jacques Vabre Normandie Le Havre, the Normandy Channel Race, the Solitaire du Figaro and the Tour Voile.

These events and the DRHEAM-CUP / GRAND PRIX DE FRANCE DE COURSE AU LARGE, enable Normandy to be sailing hotspot, visible and attractive on a national and international scale.

We all know that coastal regions are now the most attractive. The image of a “coastal region” is highly valued. Normandy, with its 640 km of coastline and one of the busiest maritime routes in the world, has all the essential maritime characteristics for development.

I naturally will conclude by wishing fair winds to Normand skippers and salute the involvement of volunteers who will ensure that this competition is a complete success.

Hervé MORIN, 
Président of Région Normandie

Located in South Brittany, Morbihan has unique natural advantages for watersports and sailing. The Département can only rejoice to see its wonderful backdrop showcased through offshore races such as the DRHEAM-CUP / GRAND PRIX DE FRANCE DE COURSE AU LARGE. 

This event combines performance and solidarity, human and maritime adventure, and brings together amateurs and professionals in a port that is a reference for competitions and regattas: La Trinité-sur-Mer.

President of the Département Council

The Baie de Quiberon, the most popular sailing hotspot in Europe, looks out to the ocean.

The Bay de Quiberon has a well-earned reputation. The quality of the spot, protected from swell and benefiting from ideal meteorological conditions, is known around the world and hosts the bests dinghy sailing specialists in the world thanks to the various championships organised by the Ecole Nationale de Voile et des Sports Nautiques, as well as the largest inshore regattas in Europe, such as the Spi Ouest-France BPGO.

To welcome the thousands of boats that sail here all year round, cruising or racing, the Baie de Quiberon has many high quality marine infrastructures. The geographical advantages of Auray Quiberon Terre-Atlantique have convinced the hundreds of professionals in the sailing sector who are part of the “Sailing Valley”, catering to the needs of all yachts, cruising and racing. A unique training and development centre for racing yachts (Ultime, Class40, Mini 6.50, etc), the Baie de Quiberon also opens on the ocean and great offshore adventures, connected to the other South Brittany sailing spots.

Our region looks to the sea and Ocean Racing is in its DNA, as shown by the sailing in school programme led by the local council, to facilitate access to nautical activities. It is therefore natural that we support the DRHEAM-CUP / GRAND PRIX DE FRANCE DE COURSE AU LARGE and that our sailing spot and ports welcome participants in this race, which has become fully part of the racing landscape.

Of these ports, La Trinité-sur-Mer, which over the years has managed to combine modernity and authenticity, is by far the most prestigious. The birthplace of offshore racing and modern sailing, it has been home to the greatest names in sailing for 60 years (Tabarly, de Kersauson, Coville, Le Blevec, etc). Indeed, the most inspiring pages in the history of modern sailing in general and offshore sailing in particular began along its granite quays and the Loïc Caradec peer. Protected from the prevailing winds, this haven and its iconic landmark bridge welcomes all racing yachts, from the smallest classes to the Ultime trimaran flying giants.

Many companies of the sailing sectors have premises in the town to meet the needs of racing and cruising skippers. La Trinité-sur-Mer is on the banks of the river Crac’h, which is also home to many oyster farms. A charming seaside town, dotted with beaches of all sizes, connected by a coastal path with unparalleled views of the Baie de Quiberon, it attracts many visitors each year who appreciate the varied landscapes, its natural, historical and megalithic heritage.

Philippe LE RAY, 
President of Auray Quiberon Terre Atlantic


Established in 1938, the Yacht Club de Cherbourg organises regattas and nautical events of all kinds for yachts (inshore and offshore championships).

The most recent major events were the start if the DRHEAM-CUP in 2020 and the Women’s Match Racing World Championships in 2021 (grade 1 World Sailing event), as well as participating in the organisation of the Rolex Fastnet arrival in August 2021.

“Helping to promote offshore racing by being a partner club for the DRHEAM-CUP / OPEN DE FRANCE DE COURSE AU LARGE is therefore completely in YCC’s spirit, and our entire team fully supports this great sailing event »

Olivier Gosselin, 
President of the Yacht Club de Cherbourg

The Société Nautique de La Trinité-sur-Mer was already part of the first three editions of the DRHEAM-CUP, supporting the prologues and the starts. Since 2020, the SNT has overseen arrivals in the Baie de Quiberon.
The SNT is one of top sailing clubs in France, through its 143 year history, its dynamic year-round Sailing School that trains many of our greatest sailors and hosts major events such as the SPI Ouest-France BPGO, the Armen Race Uship and La Trinité-Cowes by Actual, La Nuit des Iles du Ponant, etc.

The SNT is proud to say it is the French club that issues the most FFVoile-Compétition licenses every year thanks to intense racing activity (80 days of racing a year, before Covid). It is also proud of its racing school and renowned members such as Thomas Coville, Francis Joyon, Yves Le Blevec, Julien Villion, Yoann Richomme, Corentin Horeau, Géry Trentesaux, Tom Laperche, Antoine Carpentier, Erwan Leroux, Ludovic Ménahes and many others…

“It is natural that the Société Nautique de La Trinité-sur-Mer be, with the Yacht-Club de Cherbourg, the partner club of the DRHEAM-CUP / GRAND PRIX DE FRANCE DE COURSE AU LARGE!”

Didier Visbecq,
President of the Société Nautique de la Trinité

The wonderful story of offshore racing has been fostered over the past 50 years by none other than the UNCL, which supported the establishment of transatlantic races, strengthening circuits, particularly thanks to trail-blazing UNCL members, who created famous races, such as Michel Etevenon and the Route du Rhum, and Bernard Decré and the Tour de France à La Voile.

Offshore Racing also owes the UNCL and the RORC the genius creation that is the IRC – International Rating Certificate rule, which is the most important measurement-based handicap-rule in the world, and which has enables different boats to participate in the same regattas with the same start and finish lines, and establish fair rankings for decades!

IRC is used in the most prestigious regattas, around the world, and it would be impossible to list all of them! IRC is one class in the DRHEAM-CUP / GRAND PRIX DE FRANCE DE COURSE AU LARGE and for many other races such as the Giraglia, Transquadra, Fastnet Race, Voiles de St Tropez, Middle Sea Race, Sydney Hobart Race, China Sea Race, King’s Cup Phuket, Newport Bermuda Race, le Spi Ouest France, Armen Race, Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup and of course the IRC Manche-Atlantique and Mediterranean championships, organised by the UNCL!

In 2016, working with Jacques Civilise, the UNCL was the Organising Authority for LA DRHEAM-CUP, a human and sporting adventure that experienced remarkable growth in 2018, bringing together all the players in offshore racing and in 2020, participation in 100 yachts.

The DRHEAM-CUP / GRAND PRIX DE FRANCE DE COURSE AU LARGE is a fantastic event to share adventures at sea and on land! 

Anne de Bagneaux-Savatier, 
President of the Union Nationale de la Course au Large