Between two sea-going regions

From Cotentin to South Brittany, La Drheam-Cup is one of the most beautiful regattas that you could imagine, between two sea-going regions, two great French marinas: Cherbourg-en-Cotentin and La Trinité-sur-Mer.
Open to amateurs and professionals, crews and solo-sailors, the race soon found its competitors. One hundred boats were at the start in the last edition in 2020 and we are expecting the same number or more in 2022.
Primarily, the spirit of the event has attracted skippers: a race between big names in international sailing and dozens of amateur crews in a festive and popular atmosphere.
It is also the opportunity for all those tempted to go up against the Irish Sea and the Atlantic on a demanding course that combines inshore and offshore racing.
It is of course a great moment of sharing on the quay side of a town that will come alive with preparations until the start, between the outer harbour and the coast of La Hague.

Major race organisers do not choose Cherbourg-en-Cotentin by chance. Port Chantereyne is the largest deep-water port in the Manche area, protected by one of the largest artificial outer harbours in the world, in an exceptional location for sailing, opening on the Channel Islands. Our city has unrivalled advantages for sailors, with structured nautical and naval services and a welcome appreciated by all, which we promote through this type of event.

We all have great memories of the 2020 edition. We are impatiently awaiting 2022 and the start of the summer season.

Benoit Arrivé, mayor of Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, Regional Councillor


World renowned port thanks to the famous skippers who have chosen it as a home port, La-Trinité-sur-Mer, in South Brittany, also has great natural and heritage sites. Its beaches, coast, salt marshes, standing stones and town centre all combine to make it one of the jewels of the Morbihan coastline.

The Cotentin council area covers 1400 km², is home to 185000 people in 129 towns and villages. A really agile structure, it launches and coordinates major public policies that increase the area’s attractiveness (economic development, employment, tourism, transport and mobility, etc) while taking into account the specificities of all the towns. Proximity is at the heart of its organisation, largely based on a decentralised administration that is close to the population.
The Cotentin Council also actively participates in the success of the area by supporting events that increase its attractiveness.
La DRHEAM-CUP is a great example of this and fully reveals the advantages of our City. Fair winds to all!
Jean-Louis Valentin, President of the Cotentin Council

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Dreams, and more dreams in this third edition of the DRHEAM-CUP. In July 2020 Cherbourg is honoured to be the start city for the race to La Trinité-sur-Mer in Morbihan.
Beyond the excitement, for a crew the start means the last preparations, the final technical adjustments, tactical predictions, the last weather forecasts and the necessary concentration needed before going to sea.
The Start also means welcoming those who want to discover the atmosphere before an offshore race from the pontoons and meet the sailors and skippers. For these passing visitors, seeing a racing fleet get ready is already a journey, a way to join the race…
The “Manche attitude” perfectly summarises this: a county that knows how to welcome visitors, is adventurous and loves the open air!
Also, through our Plan Nautisme (Watersports plan), we are proud to welcome very high quality watersports events, such as La DRHEAM-CUP, which reveals other aspects of the Manche county.
Fair winds to all!
Marc Lefèvre, President of the Manche Département Council

“With its 640 kilometre coastline, Normandy is particularly committed to developing an ambitious maritime and port policy. The Normandy Region supports all watersports events, which greatly increase the attractiveness of our area. We are delighted to support this event that will bring together amateur and professional crews. With 80 sporting leagues, close to 8,000 clubs and 700,000 sports-club members, Normandy is without a doubt an athletic region, for all sports. 25 million Euros are spent each year to develop an ambitious policy that 
supports participation in sports, clubs and the development of our infrastructure. Finally, to reinforce its sporting dynamism, Normandy applied to become a rear base for the 2024 Olympics. In addition to the sporting talent that will compete in the games, Normandy also wishes to be a part of the adventure, organising and welcoming Olympic teams during this unique event. I wish you all an excellent competition!”

Hervé MORIN, Président of Région Normandie

World renowned port thanks to the famous skippers who have chosen it as a home port, La-Trinité-sur-Mer, in South Brittany, also has great natural and heritage assets. Its beaches, coast, salt marshes, standing stones and town centre all combine to make it one of the jewels of the Morbihan coastline.


Established in 1938, The Yacht Club de Cherbourg has just celebrated its 80th anniversary, but its enthusiasm hasn’t waned! Located at the large deep-water marina (Chantereyne) and at the heart of the city, the YCC has an exceptional area to sail in: the Cherbourg outer harbours, a real nautical stadium, enable regular sailing all year round, increasing the city’s attractiveness.

Regattas and all sorts of watersports events for keel boats (local championships, rallies, Channel crossings) are organised there, as well as for the longest time, the hosting of major events (Course de l’Europe, Solitaire du Figaro, Tour de France à La Voile, various one-design Nationals, J.80, J.70, Muscadets, etc) during which club members commit to implement their well-recognised expertise. The latest outstanding events remain the hosting of the second edition of the DRHEAM-CUP and the organisation of the World University Championship Sailing, an elite event that brings together twenty crews (10 Nations) that were a real success. 

And we cannot present the Yacht-Club de Cherbourg without mentioning the Tuesday night championship! For over forty years and every week from April to September, the success of these “afterwork” regattas is undeniable, and are excellent training for all members, who through this very regular training and good results in outside competitions, contribute to the YCC’s top place in the FFV Club rankings and in the first division (4th in the Elite division this season). 

We cannot mention the Yacht-Club de Cherbourg without also mentioning the close historic ties with British clubs, including the renowned RORC – Royal Ocean Racing Club. The YCC is delighted to organise the last race in the RORC Championship (Cowes/Cherbourg) and keep some trophies “at home” thanks to the excellent performance of its competitors: Cherbourg sailors have been feared over the Channel for several decades! Bess (Eric Duchemin), Yellow and Blue (Jean-Yves Furic), Canopy (Gilbert Roger), Night and Day (Pascal Loison), Raging Bee (Louis-Marie Dussère) and all the crew that has sailed double-handed and in crewed events.

On the sporting side, the YCC is very proud to include renowned racers in their membership, who are all at the top of their game, such as Alexis Loison in Figaro, Halvard Mabire in IMOCA, Maxime Mesnil in Match-Racing, to mention but a few. Maintaining this pool of racers is the YCC’s aim, which does all it can, with the support of the Normandy Region, to help young sailors achieve their sporting goals.

“Helping to promote offshore racing by being a partner club for the DRHEAM-CUP CHERBOURG – LA TRINITÉ – OPEN DE FRANCE DE COURSE AU LARGE is therefore completely in YCC’s spirit, and our entire team, with the Yacht-Club de France, the Union Nationale de la Course au Large and the Société Nautique de La Trinité-sur-Mer will fully support this great sailing event! »
Olivier Gosselin, President

The Société Nautique de La Trinité-sur-Mer was already part of the first two editions of the DRHEAM-CUP, supporting the prologues and the starts. In 2020, it will oversee arrivals in the Quiberon Bay.
The SNT is one of top sailing clubs in France, through its 140 year history, its dynamic year-round Sailing School and major events such as the SPI Ouest-France, the Armen Race Uship and La Trinité-Cowes by Actual.

The SNT is proud to say it is the French club that issues the most FFVoile-Compétition licenses every year thanks to intense racing (80 days of racing a year); it is also proud of its racing school and renowned members such as Thomas Coville, Francis Joyon, Yves Le Blevec, Julien Villion, Yoann Richomme, Corentin Horeau, Géry Trentesaux and many others…“It is absolutely normal that the Société Nautique de La Trinité-sur-Mer be one of the partner clubs for LA DRHEAM-CUP / GRAND PRIX DE FRANCE DE COURSE AU LARGE with the Yacht-Club de Cherbourg and UNCL – Union Nationale de la Course au Large”
Didier Visbecq, President

The UNCLUnion Nationale de la Course au Large, true to its aim, is a club whose members race intensely and has a two-fold role, the rule and races. The Club was established in 1971 with the merger of the U.N.C. (est. 1913) and the G.C.L. (est. 1960). Affiliated to the French Sailing Federation, the Club brings together enthusiasts and sailors, who are all passionate about offshore racing and its development. The Union Nationale pour le Course au Large is a successor to the major French associations that have promoted offshore racing throughout the decades.

Its main activity is as an IRC Rule Authority, working for owners and clubs. IRC, the leading Rule in the world, with 40,000 boats, was co-invented with the RORC and has been the longest lasting rule since rules began, and it isn’t over yet!

From 1996, with Jacques Civilise, the UNCL has been an Organising Authority of the DRHEAM-CUP, a human and sporting adventure, that has been remarkably successful. Jacques, an indefatigable organiser, has managed to bring together all the enthusiastic Offshore Racing players and is a perfect example of our club’s ethos. The DRHEAM-CUP is first and foremost a sharing and celebratory event; bringing together sailors and generations is our common belief.