22_26134 © Thierry Martinez. CHERBOURG – FRANCE . 17 Juillet 2020. DRHEAM Cup 2022. Départ.

IMOCAs are 60-foot (18.28 metre) monohull sailing boats.

Founded in 1991 and recognised by World Sailing (International Sailing Federation) since 1998, the ‘International Monohull Open Class Association’ manages the class of 60-foot (18.28 metres) Open monohulls. IMOCA defines the rules guaranteeing sporting equity by developing the innovation and safety of the boats.

The aim of the class is to develop the fleet of monohulls and offer its skippers an attractive and coherent sports programme. It contributes to the internationalisation of offshore racing and combines the notions of competition, innovation, human adventure and safety on a day-to-day basis.Central to IMOCA’s concerns as it evolves is how to constantly respect the environment better. Renewable energies are not merely viewed as a resource, but also a key element in terms of performance.

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